Michif Tamaskan of Wisconsin


Welcome to the home page of Michif Tamaskan of Wisconsin! 

The Tamaskan is a rare breed originating from Finland. It was bred to have physical appearance of a wolf without a wolf's temperament.   Wolves are shy and timid whereas the Tamaskan Dog is outgoing and friendly. Blood lines go back to the Malamute, Husky, German Shepherd among some other lesser known northern breeds.  The Tamaskan Dog  has  a wonderful wolfy look with all of the desirable temperament traits of a domestic dog.  The breed is highly intelligent, versatile and very accepting of other dogs and children making it an ideal family companion.   They need lots of contact and attention being a pack dog. As a companion dog, they can easily get lonely and bored if left by themselves for hours on end. They would make excellent agility dogs as well as sled dogs with proper training and guidance.

New Guinea Singing Dogs need Forever Homes!

There are NGSDs out there needing homes to grow and thrive! The best home for these guys would be a home that has experience with shy dogs.